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2019: 5th Year of Embracing My Sunflower

SUNFLOWER (noun | sun·flow·er |\-ˌflau̇(-ə)r\) : a tall plant that has very large yellow flowers and produces seeds which can be eaten Full Definition : any of a genus (Helianthus, especially H. annuus) of New World composite plants with large yellow-rayed flower heads bearing edible seeds that yield an edible oil First known use: 1597… Continue reading 2019: 5th Year of Embracing My Sunflower

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One Face, One Leg 😔

Why? Why do drivers stop and pick up passengers?  When there’s no space! Why do passengers ride? When there’s no comfortable space! Why do co-passengers sit? Like their paradise or sala set! Does someone who sits with one face of her butt, with one leg needs to say “Can you please, move in a bit?”Or… Continue reading One Face, One Leg 😔