Meet The Girl Behind

Let us know each other. But, she will introduce herself first, virtually. And you’ll introduce yourself later. ❤

Welcome to Her Odyssey!

Meet Mary Grace Gabi ❤

She is a certified (half) marathoner. An IT graduate but lands a job in Finance and Accounting. She finds serenity in being alone and always sees an art in stillness. She’s a sunset chaser, a morning person and undeniably OC.

The life of Grace

  • She’s grace-fueled aspiring nomad.
  • She’s a morning person every Mondays-Saturdays since she’s tired getting up early on Sundays.
  • She loves flowers more than chocolates. Sunflowers are her favorite.
  • She loves to travel and bring good memories back home. And loves to be hitched and build a house and a home of her own
  • She prefers doing her own itineraries rather than booking to travel agencies. She loves to be always in transit!
  • She loves chasing more sunsets, clouds, greens and currently, beaches. 

Here’s a glimpse of sunsets she captured in little Las Vegas, Macau

Fun & Interesting Facts about Her

  • She’s 26 and a human with bloody wet hands. 🙂
  • She’s a BOHOLana, and she’s so proud to be in the small island. An island girl.
  • She’s a girl with endless browser TABS, thousands of BOOKMARKS and infinite must-read ARTICLES.
  • She’s an ambivert.
  • She’s a hustler.
  • She writes to her heart’s content.
  • She reads as long as her eyes can.
  • She’s addicted to nature (literal, her heart is so happy when she sees greens, clouds, sunrises, sunsets and currently, the beaches)
  • She’s an expert of jotting down all the memories worth remembering. She’s into long captions.
  • She loves being alone but not lonely (Like, she’s into knowing herself in depth and she wanted to meditate and reflect on the events that happens to her)
  • She’s always in nostalgia and she’s into reminiscing about small stuff that makes her happy.
  • She’s so emotional, teary-eyes. She cries a lot while watching movies, Korean dramas and love stories.
  • She mukbang’s ‘Ginisang’ Ampalaya with eggs + ‘Adobong’ Chicken liver. It is heaven for her. 
  • She’s been to 8 countries in Asia including the beautiful Philippines.
  • She works in the Finance & Accounting Department in one of the leading automotive industries in the world. Guess what? It’s Toyota Tagbilaran City for over 5 years now. 🙂

Lines that she kept in her Heart

  • “When I do good, God sees it. He will bless me more than I ask for.”
  • “Always do my best, when it’s best, I will be rewarded with the best”
  • “Strengthen your faith, your soul will live”
  • “There’s one person who got inspired by me out of those thousands I knew.

c’est la vie

Here’s a little poem she wrote that describes Everyday New Grace and Grace herself.

Grace, with grit and grace.

A girl, a lady and a woman to see.

Take heed, heave, and with greatness she swings.

Smile, dress and keeps a very long strings

of hopes, dreams, and in itty-bitty voice she screams

her heart of bliss and gratefulness.

To sum up, this describes everyday new grace.
We keep on hoping, believing and trusting that there’s new IN everyday WAKES and we are bound to receive the abundance of grace. IN EVERY FEAT, IN EVERY JOURNEY, THERE IS SOMETHING NEW. AND THAT’S GRACE ❤️

The Blog

Welcome to Everyday New Grace where my personal travels, thoughts and stories are collected and digitized into bits.

To my Readers,

It is all about my life’s journey, with a twist of adventure, grit, courage and faith.

We are chased with constant coming and going, and the lack of permanence of people, places, and even our goals. It is inevitable. The author experiences the whirlwind of life too, she had lots of setbacks before coming forth but even being hurt, she shows that life is still beauteous and there is no reason to be lonely. There is no reason to see life as black and white for it is colorful and lovely.

In every scrolls and flips of the pages, she hopes you would learn something new and she hopes what’s written in here could resonate with you too.

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