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Are you Anxious?

Everyone has feelings of anxiety. I do have too, not all the time but some of the days of my life. Don’t feel different, it’s normal. You and I get anxious about our lives. It may during board exams, job interviews or you just sitting and sipping your coffee thinking deep with bunches of life scenarios. But, you ask, what is Anxiety?

What is Anxiety

Anxiety is a state of being anxious.  An apprehensive uneasiness or nervousness usually over an impending anticipated ill. It is a strong desire that is sometimes mixed with doubt and fear. 

Again, being anxious is normal. Who among you here never once feels anxious? Of course we are worried about not getting what we wanted, failing the board exam, or being rejected by the company we love to work with. 

But when you feel anxious, almost all the time – the moment you feel you are less, undesired, and lonely, you have a Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) that could lead you to depression if not treated right away. 

What is Depression

Depression is a state of being depressed and feeling sad and anxious. 

“I’m so depressed”, have you heard someone say that? Or you say that? I say that too! Again, it’s normal to feel depressed when you are in a high level of stress, when you lose someone you love, when you feel discouraged and hopeless. But when you feel it every time, something without reason, you are self-loathing and this time it is no longer normal.  

Here are the symptoms you need to know if you are in a state of anxiety and depression.

  1. Find it hard to sleep (Insomnia) or love sleeping all day (Hypersomnia).
  2. Stress eating or lack of appetite.
  3. Restless and worried at all times. It is so hard to relax.
  4. Headache, stomachache, dizziness and heart palpitation.
  5. Can’t control your temper and are always angry and irritable.

In our current age, we always tend to please people around us. We based our life in the standards of the society. That beat us and later on made us anxious and depressed. 

Anxiety and Depression is a treatable mental disorder. So, when and where to get help? You need to get help as soon as you experience the symptoms I listed above. The very least where you could get help is Self-help, help yourself to cope with such disorders and increase your self esteem. You are worthy and you deserve to be happy. 

But sometimes, we need someone who could help us overcome those mental issues (there are lot of treatments we could try but I will discuss hypnotherapy here, was curious about it too 🙂 ) and hypnotherapy comes in. 

What is Hypnotherapy 

Hypnotherapy is a treatment by hypnotism. It is a guided hypnosis that only trained Hypnotherapists can exercise. It is a form of psychotherapy that induces sleep, relaxation, and great concentration to achieve heightened state of consciousness.

I wonder what hypnotherapy is? I just saw it in movies but upon reading about hypnotism, I learned some of the benefits you can get from it.  

Here are the benefits you can get from hypnotherapy:

  1. Can improve concentration and breathing.
  2. Can increase self-love and esteem.
  3. Can reduce and overcome anxiety, stress and depression.
  4. Can increase the feeling of belongingness and happy hormones, and a lot more.

Anxiety and depression can cause some other illnesses like heart-attack, stroke and other mental problems. Too much anxiety and depression is one of the reasons why someone put an end to their life. But don’t let it happen, call someone for help.

Do you feel at your lowest low and can’t help yourself out? Let me help you. Maybe, an ear to listen could make you feel at ease.

Keep safe, Feel safe and Be Happy! What’s important? We are alive and strong!

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