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What, Where, and When Else

Try, squeeze, think of some words that could elaborate “else”. I need inspiration! 

Everytime I wash clothes and I wash the dishes, a lot of words popping and bombarding in my head. I thought, I should jot it down because by the moment I finish, those words are all gone. Like the bubbles, it expires any seconds or if it lasts long – in minutes. Should I camp on the top of a mountain with nothing I could hear but only silence? Should I bring a chair in the middle of the greenfields that only the grasses dance with the winds I can see? Should I lock myself in my four-cornered tiny tidy room and hug my pillows? Should I listen to podcasts and music and drown myself of timid emotions? Or should I pray and ask the Lord for inspiration? What else?

Inspiration does not come in a perfect timing. I am and always have a bunch of thoughts everytime I wash clothes but how can I write it down? Why am I talking about it? Because inspiration comes in bits. No specific time, no size and no limit. One inspiration is enough. I’d like to say this. You may agree or you may not but I’m not soliciting your opinions, I’m letting you to know. Inspiration rocks your world. Made you an awesome creation. Inspiration, where would you find that? In your mom’s closet, in your handmade leather bag, in your paychecks? or in your deepest heart? Where else?

What is better, stuck at home or stuck in your thoughts? I could not fathom on what else I can do to make the world at peace? What else should I do to make the world a better place? If keeping silent is one way to mend a broken line, how can we mend the tragic bursting out? When should we keep our voice, when should we blind our eyes or when should we stop our hearts from beating? When else? 

I need inspiration but what, where and when else? 

2 thoughts on “What, Where, and When Else

  1. What: Is your most admired passion?
    Where: Is your next destination?
    When: Did you know who really Grace is?


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