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Chat Later

Love, I miss our late night conversations.

Where they’d go?

I’m always in the mood of waiting

Everynight, every now and then.

Hoping I can hear the sound of your keypad

or your thumb

trying to read and replying all the messages I sent. 

But no, I could only hear your sweet snores while sleeping

And me, here always in vain

do the waiting.

Wanted you to miss me, 

To long for me, 

And to keep your tired eyes open.

How sweet the melody of your snores

Like all the messages you ignore. 

How can you sleep tight

without you saying good night?

Did you wish sweet dreams?

Or I was just day-dreaming?

How fancy the words, “chat later” 

And how you mean it after

the rain stops, 

the night gets cold, 

or tomorrow, the next days.

I get to sleep without a hold

of you who’s tired and ragged. 

You got me to drag

your timid, solemn and sweet sleep.

You dream of me writing a poem

Then you woke up, read it and realized

You are not dreaming

Because I am here actually waiting.

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