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Taipei, Taiwan | Sky Lanterns and Wishes at the Shifen Old Street

Wishes, the only one all of us have. Even the poorest of the poor or the discouraged ones have wishes. Some live for these. Some die because it remains as this. People who scarce wish to have more and the privilege wish to live simply.

I wish to have money but more than that I wish to live simply and happy. So what happiness is? Happiness comes by, sometimes it stays long but it cannot stay forever. I wish everyone’s happy. I wish my dreams come true. I wish yours too. I do.

Sky Lanterns and Wishes

Do you believe in wishing through sky lanterns? Do you believe that your wish will come true if you write it in a paper and let it fly? Do you believe in colors, and the meaning of it? I guess you do but I guess you don’t. It’s contradicting but I am hopeful.

What else should I do when at the first place I decided like a gong in this Taipei trip, other than flying a sky lantern? On our third day, we journey to the Northeast part of Taiwan, to Pingxi and Shifen. We travelled by a train for an hour just to write our wishes in the sky lanterns and let it fly in the Shifen Old Street. I believe this one is the most sought-after activity when you visit Taiwan. And missing this would not complete your trip. Actually I just heard it from excursionist. I bet you’d agree.  

We launched a lantern skyward. Sky lanterns were released by villagers as a signal to let their families know that they were safe and sound. But today, sky lanterns carry people’s wishes and hopes to the heavens. The sky lantern I released carried mine.

The very first full moon of the year was celebrated by Chinese people. Lantern festival is celebrated every year as a mark of the grand finale of the Chinese New Year celebrations, symbolizing the coming of the spring. Thousands of people from different walks of life and places come to celebrate the lantern festival where they could join others together releasing more than hundreds of sky lanterns at the same time. I’m wishing to see it myself too. But hey, you can launch wide-laden lanterns skyward all year round so don’t worry. Your wishes and deepest hopes will meet the heavens above.

Sky lanterns literally have four sides and with different colors that symbolizes each life aspects.

PinkBliss | Joy
RedHealth | Peace
YellowMoney | Wealth
BlueCareer | Promotion
PurpleStudy | Test
WhiteFuture | Brightness
OrangeLove | Marriage
GreenVigor | Success
MagentaAttraction | Popularity
Lantern Colors and Life Aspects

But there are lanterns with more than four sides and more colors but with a higher price.

The Meaning of Colors – Sky Lanterns

How much is a sky lantern in Shifen?

Price of lanterns varies from their colors. The more color, the higher the price.

1 color (ex. Yellow)NT 150 or PHP 260
4 colors (ex. Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue)NT 200 or PHP 345
8 colors (ex. Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Orange, Green, Purple)NT 250 or PHP 430
Pingxi Sky Lanterns Prices

I love to buy and launch a sky lantern all by myself but to no avail. I’m on a budget travel. We shared one lantern for four of us instead of having it all for me, one side each. I got numerous of wishes for love & family, fortune, money and hope. And I wrote them all. But the highlight was “inner-peace in high frequencies” but to be honest, I really wish for more money.

We bought the four-colored lantern and it costs me PHP 86.25. An amount I spent to send my wishes to heavens.

Do the lanterns reach the heavens? Yes. I mean your wishes reach the heavens and I believe my wishes do come true in the right time. But, I know the Lord will grant each of our heart desires. So keep on wishing and dreaming. It’s the only one thing you don’t buy, it’s free.  And No, the lanterns will fall down to the ground after it rises above.

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