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It’s More Fun in Bohol, Philippines

With no further ado, my favorite place is Bohol. The island where the girl behind this blog was born and grew beautifully like the small paradise itself. 

Favorite country – Philippines. Favorite island – Bohol. You heard it right, no bias. I love Bohol. I can live here for more than a hundred years.

So where is Bohol exactly located? Let’s talk about a little geography here. 

Bohol is located exactly in the middle of nowhere. Just kidding though. Bohol is located in Central Visayas Region or Region VII. It is the tenth largest island in the Philippines having an area of 4,117.3 square km. I don’t know how large it is in terms of square km. 

Bohol is a first-class province in the Philippines. I wonder how, but as I observed it has all the major investment and commercial banks. I bet, every bank you need has it. Do I sound so proud? Bohol has 47 municipalities and 1 city – Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol. 

Bohol has everything you need to live a simple life. Definitely! You can live near the sea and be a fisherman, or you can live near the forest and be a farmer. Anything you would like, Bohol can offer you a life lived with happiness. Again, I sound so proud. But, I am. 

So what Bohol can offer? 

Bohol can offer white beaches that no other can compete with. Bohol can offer tourist spots that’s no one alike around the globe like the Chocolate Hills. Bohol is an island itself but do you know that it can offer you islands and islets as well? Bohol has 75 islands on it’s own. Awesome and fun, right? 

Bohol can offer you green mountains where you can breathe fresh air and camp. You need to write a novel, or you are broken-hearted finding yourself again? Why not go to Bohol? I think Bohol can mend your soul and can get back to your lost self! That’s what I’m talking about why I love Bohol so much. 

Afraid to go to Bohol, alone? Don’t be! Boholanos are hospitable people. We are happy to invite you, and you should feel at home. 

Aside from white beaches and green mountains, Bohol can offer you numerous waterfalls and caves

I have lived in Bohol for quite some time, 26 years to be exact but I admit I wasn’t able to experience all the bliss the Bohol can offer. But I have the luck, I can go around whenever I want to.

Are you planning to visit our little paradise, Bohol?

Be updated on my next Bohol posts. It will be a series of white beaches and green mountains. Surely, you’ll love to read. ❤

Here’s a link of a website showcasing the best in Bohol :

Bye for now. XOXO

The Girl Behind, 

Grace ❤

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White Beach, Panglao Bohol, Philippines
White Beach, Panglao Bohol, Philippines

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