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Grace Feet Into : Bohol | A field of Jumbo Yellows – Pilar Sunflower Farm

This will be a confession. 

One day, when the clouds are so gloomy like my life so blue. I ran away. I ran so fast until no one got a hold of me. I ran out of breath and I was so down. I was discouraged and the fun of me went away. I lost my purpose and I wanted to take a break. A break I sought after years of working so hard. A break of all the complications and negatives of life. A break away from toxic people, environment and circumstances that owns my being. 

I grab the man I trust. 

He grabbed his motorbike. 

I rode and then we ran at a speed of 120 kph (exaggeration). We were supposed to run by foot since Pilar, Bohol is only 65.5 km away from Cortes, Bohol but at that very moment I wanted to escape life asap so we used his motorbike.

After an hour and a half of travel, the field of jumbo yellows welcomed us brightly. In an instant, I realized how beautiful and stunning my life is like the blooming sunflowers facing the sun brightly. My heart is so buoyant like the 5,000 sunflowers growing bright and jumbo. It brought joy and it made me dance in the middle of those thousands of yellows. The bees that surrounded them served as the music in my ears. I dance, I am happy and my soul is at glee.

Beautiful Towering Bloomed Sunflower

Rj Javier’s Tropical Fruit Farm was named after the owner’s name Mr. Rodolfo Javier Jr. It has a land area of 22-hectare. And is located at Brgy. Cagawasan, Pilar, Bohol – 67.2 km away from Tagbilaran City, Bohol. They grow vast numbers of sunflowers and multiple fruit-bearing trees and vegetables.

Thanks to him, his effort of transforming the land of vast greens of grass to towering jumbo yellows and fruit-bearing trees, vegetables, organic herbs and crops lift my soul to embrace even the low points of my life (actress feels – haha). But, seriously.

Nothing’s come free in this world, except one – The Gift of Life ❤ (Gratitude, always)


Flower and Vegetable Garden TourPhp 30
Fruit Farm TourPhp 50
Combo (Flower and Vegetable + Fruit) Tour Free Fresh Fruit + Fresh JuicePhp 100

I was amazed by the field of sunflowers but I was more than happy picking fruits and eating them fresh from their branches. I could still remember the fresh watering rambutan. Disclaimer: We did ask permission from the owner, and he said “OK”. Maybe because he saw me down-hearted. (feeling actress, again). Or maybe because the sunflowers have already withered (it only lasts for 14 days). Their yellow petals started to fall and I can’t do anything but to see it as beautiful as the first day it bloomed. I am still happy and even happier with the fruits I picked and ate. The entrance fee was worth it. 

Sunflowers started to wither but still beautiful
Sunflowers started to wither but still beautiful ❤

Of course, I took hundreds of photos with the jumbo yellows and sang with the bees and danced with the green leaves banging against the winds. Plus, I’m with the man I trust, and I love. ❤

Happiness is instant in “bukid”, I must say. 


It’s an unplanned getaway, we don’t know how to get there so we googled and followed google voice. But, it’s not effective so we asked people we passed by on the road. 

Tagbilaran City, Bohol to Pilar Dam, Pilar Bohol. See Map below.

RJ Javier’s Tropical Fruit Farm located at Cagawasan, Pilar, Bohol, is a 5-minute motor drive from the Pilar Dam. See Map below and ask local people you get by. They’ll surely navigate you in the right direction.

Tagbilaran City, Bohol to Rj Farms (Rj Javier’s Tropical Fruit Farm), Pilar, 6321 Bohol. Please click google map here. And check their Facebook page here to keep updated on their new fruit harvest and when the sunflowers started to bloom again.

See you, let’s wonder BOHOL.

The Girl Behind, 

Grace ❤

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