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What It Feels Like to Receive a Present you Did Not Expect

Have you received presents you didn’t expect? If you did, how was it?

There are times you feel surreal, fantastic, complete and happy. Just happy. Today is a dull and ordinary day for me. Nothing yet excites me amidst the December, Christmas season feels. Maybe because I still have a lot of things to think over. (Whatever I feel today, I just feel so low)

Unexpected Present sent from the Children

SOS Children's Villages Presents and Letters
SOS Children’s Villages Presents and Letters

This will be my second time receiving a present from the children I supported. It’s a present of gratitude. They genuinely thank me for including them in my monthly budget. And for the second time, I was so touched to the extent that my tears started to fall. (goosebumps feels)

I still don’t know them, none of them I still haven’t got a glimpse of their faces. Only one thing did I know, they need someone to care for them, to support them and to love them. And a family and a home they can call their own. 

I don’t know what their personalities and approaches to life are. What I know of is that they are neglected and abandoned children who wanted to live the life they deserve. And I suppose to say, I give them the courage to realize what they are hoping and wishing for.

I must admit, I always do complain about my life, and what I was going through but little did I know that it’s nothing compared to the pain they feel the moment they breath and no one wanted to love them the way my parents love me. 

I draw the courage and honestly those children who wrote me a letter encouraged me to be grateful everyday of all that I have, I don’t have and everything in between. They really are an inspiration to a heart of mine. 

A letter makes my heart flutter

Thank you Letter from SOS Friends
Thank you Letter from SOS Friends

It’s true. I am into letters and I love it so much. How can I describe it? For me, words written in the form of a letter are sincere. In a letter, I feel the emotions of the person who wrote it. The feeling is shared with me. That is I always feel every time I receive one. 

Thank you, #SOSFriends.  

If you would like to support SOS Children’s Villages Philippines, you can check their website here

PS. A letter of appreciation written last December. Just now, I got the chance to post this. 

The Girl Behind, 

Grace ❤

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