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Throwback Hong Kong : First International Adventure

Let us do a major throwback as I will make my Hong Kong Trip alive after 3 years since my last visit. 

How can I forget my first ever international trip in my whole life?

Hong Kong galore has a lot of memories that I am in nostalgia. Who would have ever thought that my first plane ride was going to Hong Kong? My first train ride too. I never thought about having my first passport stamps just 6 months after I got my passport from the Department of Foreign Affairs Manila. It was goosebumps and slap my face moments as if I was dreaming. 

Crossing at Hong Kong Central District
Walking down Central District, Hong Kong

Every place and location was new to me. I was amazed. It was surreal. 

A little about Hong Kong

Positioned at the mouth of the Pearl River Delta on the coast of southern China, Hong Kong’s geographical position as a gateway between the East and West has made it an attractive centre for international trade. As a reflection of this, the heart of Asia’s world city has always been the bustling and beautiful Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong’s 1,104-square-kilometer area comprises Hong Kong Island, which lies to the south of the harbour, the Kowloon Peninsula, which forms its northern shores, the New Territories to the north of Kowloon, which stretch all the way to Mainland China, and more than 200 outlying islands, including Lantau Island, where Hong Kong International Airport is located. 

Experience that spirit and Hong Kong’s story yourself by exploring the city’s rich culture and heritage.

Hong Kong has four festivals: 

  1. Cheung Chau Bun Festival
  2. Tai O Deities Parade
  3. Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance
  4. Yu Lan Ghost Festival


Throwback Hong Kong

Hong Kong was the first country I visited outside the Philippines. Is Hong Kong your first country to visit too? So why did I write about my Hong Kong Trip experience after 3 years if you may ask?

Here are the following reasons why I do so…

  1. Your first experience will last a lifetime. All of the moments are vivid to me, it seems like just 3 days ago since I visited Hong Kong (over?)
  2. Hong Kong is one of the progressive and happiest countries to visit. 
  3. Hong Kong was my first “Tix Inserted in the Passport and Off to Somewhere” moment (when was yours?)
  4. Hong Kong was my first “Touchdown” moment (Can you remember when was yours?)
  5. Hong Kong opened my eyes and mind to possibilities that even me (a poor child) can travel too. Yes, you can also. So you better plan your trip ahead of time if you’re like me, travelling on a budget. 
  6. Hong Kong is a whole lot different from the Philippines. Why? I am shookt about how they lived. I will explain it further later but it’s best if you will experience it yourself. 
  7. Hong Kong is a fully equipped and industrialized country but with much balance with the ecosystem. Skyscrapers built and standing side by side but you can still see greens around the city. (Wow, definitely)
  8. Hong Kong is a shopping center for it is the center for international trade. Almost all branded items are so cheap, on sale. 
  9. Hong Kong’s night lights are the most sought-after.
  10. Lastly, what are the reasons why I wouldn’t share it?

Maybe, I cannot give you the exact details on my experience since I was just like a follower of a leader, a literal dog following the tail of the mother dog. (harsh) But, YES. I don’t think much about our itineraries. I just can’t sleep that very night before our flight. It was an adrenaline rush of excitement. You too can feel that when you have your first international flight.

Anyways, with the internet, I will show you some of the must-visits of Hong Kong and how to get around. (In my next post 🙂 )

Here’s what I learned in my first International Trip, Hong Kong

For repeat travellers, for those who even toured around 7 continents, this is something funny or ‘ignorant’ things. So I intended to write this for FIRST time travelers. This is for you. Based on my personal observation and experiences. 

  1. Driver side is on the right. Opposite in the Philippines which is on the left (right?) I mean, left. Hehe. So if you’re planning to sit in the front seat, you go left. Okay?
  2. Hong Kong has a diverse trade and is rich in culture and heritage. Businesses are around the city. (In short, you can buy ‘pasalubongs’ in the streets that are cheap)
  3. They used chopsticks when eating. Don’t pretend you know how to use it. They have spoons and forks too, so, go ask. It’s okay. 
  4. Their fast food restaurants have no rice. Remember that. 
  5. Exchange your Philippine peso to US Dollar before departure and find a HKD Money Changer to get a better exchange rate. Not PHP to HKD. 
  6. If you plan to bring your credit card, check or call your bank to know if the card is ready to use overseas. Majority of card providers are international spend ready but to be sure, read the terms and conditions in your card or ask the bank. 
  7. Don’t bring your credit card along if you’re on a budget trip. Or else, you’ll be in a shopping spree. And maybe you’ll drown in credit card bills when you get back home. (That’s a No no) Hong Kong is one of the most impressive and biggest shopping centers in the world.
  8. Don’t you ever throw your trash anywhere, especially in public trains. Or you’ll get penalized and can’t come back home. That’s sad. 
  9. You need to walk fast. Everyone is always in a hurry. So you need to change your walking pace. Or else, you’ll get lost in the crowd. That’s scary.
  10. Never be scared to try something not familiar. It would be the best to do in your whole Hong Kong Trip.  

Since Hong Kong was the first country I visited, I will surely go back there soon, not me alone but with my family that we are gonna create. And will surely write a complete and detailed trip experience. Let us wait for another 10 years, I guess. 🙂  

Keep updated in my next blog post : Hong Kong Travel Itinerary ❤

The Girl Behind, 

Grace ❤

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Train Station Ocean Park HK

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