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Why I love Planners and Downloadable DIY Planner 2020

So I’ve been obsessed with Planners since I started out laying out my plans for the current and next years. It’s my tangible timeline of activities and must-dos within a month or in a year. 

It’s December, last month to end the year 2019. And this is the month to search for 2020 planners. Yes, I do search a month ahead for planners since you know, early December this year, I already laid out some of my plans for 2020. Am I too early or am I too excited to begin 2020? Maybe, I guess. 

Why do I need planners? It’s mainly because I am into planning ahead and I love jotting down everything in order for me to keep track of my events and timeline. You should try having your own daily planner too. You will surely love it, that’s for sure. 

I do have a hard bound, leatherette covered diary notebook every year, but this year I will utilize my 2019 diary notebook since only half of it was used. What are the things I wrote in my diary book? Curious? I will use my diary book to be my 2020 planner as well so to record everything all at once. 

… And now my plan is to look for simple, brief and easy to use daily planners for 2020. And as I googled around, I found Where to Next planner 2020 – Coming Home. 

Here’s WTN Planner 2020 – Coming Home

“In the pages of this planner, we will share stories of people coming home, defining what that word means for them. If you could only take away one thing, we hope it would be this: home is never just a place. It is a space where you can take off your shoes and dance to your favorite song. It is in the company of the people who listen to your stories and understand you to the core. It is in the time you spend nurturing the dreams that matter to you most.” – WTN

WTN defines what Home is. I love being at home. I am home. Now I’m in a nostalgic moment. 

Here are some of the features WTN 2020 Planner that I love: 

  • An interactive page where you write your own life story (I do love writing my life story. A ❤ for this feature)
  • Bucket list for the Philippines and anywhere in the world (Here I can write my list to what Provinces in the Philippines I should visit in 2020 and countries in Asia too. I am very excited)
  • Vacation leave list to plot life beyond 9 to 5 (OMG, have I mentioned it, that I work in a four corner room from 8 to 5 PM, this actually is perfect to budget my SIL days)
  • Tips on how to mindfully travel (Yes, I need tips on every trip I have)
  • Bullet journal pages (Everyday journals of mine, this is awesome)

To see complete features, materials used, shipping instructions and list of stores where you can buy it offline of WTN Planner 2020 – Coming Home visit their website page or click here.

If you’re following me, or have read my previous stories, I am very attached to helping out organizations through simple ways and in inexpensive means. This year, I donated some pieces of me. My 12 inches long thick black hair to Makati Medical Cancer Center. I only spent 190 Php payment for sending my hair from Bohol to Makati thru LBC courier.

So why I am recommending you the WTN Planner 2020 – Coming Home? It’s because in every planner purchased in WTN, 5% of the profit will go to projects of the Aeta communities in Yangil & Botolan, Zambales. How could I not recommend it? They amazed me.  


I know some can’t afford right? So ended up not buying or not having a planner. That’s sad actually. I’m telling you that planners are very important especially to us achievement-oriented people. My planner serves as one of my motivations. Why? Because I have this kind of attitude (ego) that I should commit or accomplish what was being listed in the planner. Are you with me? Do you have that ego too? Hehe.

Don’t worry, I will make my own 2020 Planner and I will share it with you and that’s free of charge. (don’t think I’m selling something because I don’t). I am just happy sharing something priceless. Like this. 

I could still remember way back college, we actually saved bucks because me and my friend did not buy notebooks for our course subjects. Instead we ring bind it ourselves. Do you know how cool is it? It is called being resourceful in the scarcity of resources.

You can download these planners here, and print it out of your choice. And you can let it ring bind or have it attached to your diary book.

Whatever would you like about the pages arrangement, it’s up to you. You can download it here. 

The moment I write this post, only available on hand was my diary notebook that I am planning to make it to a planner but luckily after weeks, you know December gifts – some of the companies connected to where I am working with gave me 3 planners. He is an awesome God. And since I already have 3, I gave out some of them. 

I hope everyone has  an everyday new grace plan through 2020 Planners. Happy Planning, Planners!

Disclaimer: WTN did not pay me to advertise their 2020 Coming Home Planner. I just do it myself because I love it and I know you will too. XOXO

The Girl Behind, 

Grace ❤

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Why I love Planners & Downloadable DIY 2020 Planner
2020 Planners

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