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An Open Letter To My Secret Fans

This is my longest letter in my whole life. I encourage you to read and enjoy it. Yasss you will enjoy for sure. I will be answering a few questions about me.

After reading the letter, you’ll gonna

  • ✅Appreciate me, and encourage yourself to be grateful as well
  • ✅Hate me, mock me, or even laugh at me for all those hard experiences I’ve been through (it’s up to you – it doesn’t matter)
  • ✅Learn something for the rest of your life
  • ✅Reflect what have you done in your life until today
  • ✅Continue to gossip and spread fake news because you are close-minded and jealous (your choice) or
  • ✅Read the letter again for it to sink in.

I need to Blab! Some things are needed to express.

This blog voice should not be written, should not be published and should not merry go-round the internet. But I contemplate, some things are needed to express. I need to blab all about these! And it’s time for them to hear why. 

I’ve been controlling myself to not send negative vibes around social media but I guess this one is an exception. I need to express myself! I know, I don’t owe you an explanation, I did this for you (all who are jealous or even saying lies, negative words about me) to know. So let’s start here. This is a long statement of facts, so read, get your coffee and do understand. After, ask yourself what have you done until today, okay? Yes, I’m trying to be cool for you at least. 

It’s hilarious if I will tell you that I’m not mad. This time I will state (write it out) my feelings while hearing all of those hurtful words. Why? Because I’m still a human who fights back when being stoop. 

Why? Because I’ve been hearing a lot of times how people gave their opinions about how I deal with my life. I never give them permission to talk about my life on my behalf! So stop it!

Here, let’s start. 

These are endless statements people are saying about me, repeated every time and I’m so touched and get used to it. Gross!

Is she rich, she’s so pa-social? 

Well, if you saw me like that, thank-you. You recognized that I am better than you, I guess? And I’m sorry because I stopped comparing myself to anyone a long time ago. So I cannot say anything about you. Anyways, let’s answer the question. Oh my gosh. My family and I are not rich by the way. I was not born with a silver spoon. I am in a low class society. Happy now? But you know what? I used our poverty to encourage myself to do the best and not just to do it but to achieve it. I swore to myself that I won’t die poor and can’t afford it.

If you have to finish college because of your parents money, you are blessed and should be grateful. I am grateful, thankful and feeling blessed even if I worked a lot, extended great efforts, and even serving others just to finish my degree. Have you tried working for your tuition fees and studying at the same time? Have you tried to go home at 10pm because your class schedules ended at 8:30 and you need to commute? Have you tried sleeping at 1 am and waking up at 4 am to prepare for the day that includes cooking for breakfast and frying dried fish? Or have you tried going to the university with an empty pocket? I guess you did not. But behind those struggles for four years, I honestly don’t pity myself. Why? Because I draw inner strength and because of those life circumstances, I am molded to the person I am today. Well-spirited, grounded and in every bits of blessings, I am grateful. It’s already in me that only those hurdles taught me to be this strong, to be independent and to be this decisive. I’m not boasting, I’m just stating the facts. I hope you know the difference. 

I’m not rich. But I am honest. And “honesty is the best policy” really applies to anywhere or anyone I am with. Cliche as it sounds, I’m not rich but I have money. Why? Because I worked for 11 years already. Because I work very hard to earn it. I even go on OT without pay. Why? Because I want to deliver the best output when I do my work. Because I don’t settle for less. I am in no position to boast, but I am where I am today because I strive and work with much honesty and competent way, and that’s one of the facts. 

She has money because she works only for herself.

That’s a myth and never has a percentage of truth. How I wish I could do that. How I wish. I really wish but it’s no sense to wish because my reality is different. Another fact for me to declare, I work primarily for my family. I work and studied hard to finish a degree. Why? Number one reason is to get a stable and good job and in that way I can help my family get away from the mud of poverty. And I motivate myself for years to achieve it and I know I did. Nothing to make myself on top. It’s the reality! If you insist, how can I send my younger sister to college, and let her finish her degree, pay her tuition fees, give her daily allowances and buy all her school projects if I work only for myself? How can I renovate our small house to a comfortable one if I work only for myself? How can I buy groceries and pay our utility bills if I work only for myself? 

If I may ask, what have you done for your family while you are working? Have you ever buy shoes and clothes for your younger siblings? Are you that good Ate for them to look up to? Have you ever sent them to college, let them finish and pay their tuition fees? Have you bought some groceries consistently for your kitchen and have you renovated your house to ease your parents’ struggle sending you to a university? Have you even tried to imagine how your parents strive hard to send you to college and give you the life you have now? Or have you even treated them to something they deserve? I think you need to reflect and answer my questions above. If we rode the same boat, high five! But if you can’t answer those, you are the one who works only for yourself and not me. Shame on you! 

She has lots of money and doesn’t save any because she travels a lot and always eats outside.

Wow, this statement really has a wow factor. I will give you three hard slow claps. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP. And this is indeed half truth, half lie. It is very funny but I will elaborate it one by one, step by step in a congruence well-defined process. Are you ready to read? Let’s go.

First, as I have mentioned earlier, I’m not rich but I have money.

I only said I have money, never did I say I have a lot. So it’s a lie. To defend, I don’t earn much, I don’t earn 6 digits a month. I am compensated but not (very) well. Only well. Enough to pay all those expenses I stated above. You can scroll up to read it again if you happen to miss it. That’s fine, I can wait. 

Second, she doesn’t save any

Oh no no. This is very basic. How can I not save when I know how hard it is to have nothing? That’s another lie! Hayss. I’m not saying I saved a thousand bucks, it’s impossible right? Hehe. What I’m trying to say is I still applied the concept of Income-Savings=Expenses. But my savings is only a bit of percentage out from my income. You wonder how much? Should I tell you? Hmm, I decided not to because you’ll get disappointed if you know how little it is. Haha

Third, she ‘always’ eats outside. 

Food is lifest and I’m not on a diet. Yum yum yum but it’s the third lie. I don’t eat a lot outside. The right term you should use should be “sometimes”. It’s safer than ‘always’. I advise you to play safe a lot of times. I know you’re good at it. Oppsss, no offense. Here’s the truth, Iet me change the statement, I eat outside ‘sometimes’. Don’t tell me that if I am struggling in life I cannot eat delicious foods? That I do not try other dishes aside from Filipino dishes? Who knows my soul’s origin was a Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, or even French? Now I wonder where I was reincarnated. Let’s be serious. I have had this reward system since I was in college. 

Let me share with you a short story. Every time I got the highest score in our major exams or highest grade in our course subjects I rewarded myself with a YUM BURGER. That’s pretty yummy for me, and that’s the only one I can afford to buy without asking my parents for money. And you know that I worked on my classmates research and projects for me to have an extra allowance for the month? And now you wonder, how can I make projects for 5 students including mine when I need to work half day in school and I need to go home late and wake up early and I need to study my full loaded semester’s subjects and can even hang out with my co-working students during weekends? That’s pretty amazing, right? You want to know what my secrets are? That until today I’m still using it? It’s TIME MANAGEMENT, One Job at A Time, FOCUS and the best is MULTI-TASKING.

I’m an expert of those. That is why I got to manage and finish everything. 

(Let us not include how amazing the Lord is blessing me on an abundance of great opportunities. I know He is the best Provider of everything that my writing cannot fully describe Him. What I know is and in my heart and I practice everyday is gratitude. I am always and forever grateful for all He has done to my life. No further questions, I   Praise Thy Name.)

Let me continue, what was exciting about the 5 research I did? All were top 5 in our class. I’m not boasting, that was mere fact in my college years. And of course, the top one was mine. And top two to fifth, literally are all mine, only our instructor doesn’t know. Tada, my classmates rewarded me with sumptuous foods. Heaven!

So now you know that it’s a big deal for me to reward myself after those struggling reporting OT week. That’s the truth. I eat delicious foods that make my stressful week better. And yes, I did try other dishes and really love them. Oh Ramen. Hehe

BUT to clear things out, I was never a demanding girlfriend. And never a materialistic girl. I don’t let my boyfriend buy food for me. Why? Because I know how hard he worked for that money. Why would I let him pay when I earn my own money? Our policy since 6 years ago, KKB ‘Kanya Kanya Bayad’, Divided by Two, and I have a Debt for Now, I will be the one to treat you Next Time.

Fourth, she travels a lot. 

Okay okay, you win this time. It’s a truth but only applies this year 2019. I started working year 2014 and my first trip was in Hong Kong last 2017. That was a half free trip. Thanks to the people behind it. 2018, all within PH. Camiguin Island – an incentive trip for Finance. Dumaguete City – that was a one week benchmarking with sister dealer. Makati City – 7 days TDIMS Training. Baguio City – since we were in Makati for the weekend, on Sunday we travel to Baguio but of course tour joiners fee is on our account, not with the company. That was a perfect side trip. And Cebu for numerous times to attend seminars and meetings. That’s it.

2019 is here. I actually declared 2019 as my year of flying. That is why I agree that I travel a lot this year.

  • January
    • Makati City
  • March
    • Taipei, Taiwan
    • Makati City
  • April
    • Ho Chi Minh, City Vietnam
    • Siem Reap, Cambodia
    • Bangkok, Thailand
    • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • May
    • Cebu City
  • June
    • Bohol 🤣
  • July
    • Cebu City
  • August
    • Bohol 😂
  • September
    • Cebu City
  • October
    • Cebu City
  • November
    • Ilocos Sur & Norte (Vigan, Laoag, Pagudpud)
  • December
    • ?

How can she save money for travel? 

Another suspecting question thrown in my face. Whuuut? How can I save money for travel? That’s a pretty easy question to answer but it will be this lonnnnnnnnnggg. So spare me for answering you with the longest answer to date. Hehe. Should I submit it to Guinness World Records? Just kidding though to break the ice. I’ve been through a lot, even events you can’t imagine. 

Wanted to know a few?  Let’s have a 14 years TB. Maybe 2 minutes of your time reading this section won’t hurt anyway. I sew my own school uniform way back in high school, not by hand but of a machine of course. I walked 10km everyday back and forth with slippers with a hole in both. Maybe, that was one of the reasons why I was a sprinter (shookt?). Yes, I was a sprinter and a table tennis player. I was skinny, no fats – only sprawling bones. Cringe. Should I include that ‘bolinao’ in a banana leaf that tasted soooo good? It’s been years, I think 8 years since the last time I ate ‘bolinao’. Well, I will stop here. It’s a long story you can’t believe it’s true. (Maybe, I write it separately) 

The question was, how I saved money for travel? 

1. I’m not a gadget addict.

I don’t buy gadgets I don’t need. I don’t buy multiple accessories for my gadget. I use and replace my gadgets only until it’s dead. From 2014 to 2019, I bought smartphones thrice. First lasted for a year (factory defect). Mid of 2015 to late 2016, what I had was only my samsung keypad phone (I managed not to have a smartphone that time because my younger sister needs a lot of money for the school). That is prioritizing priorities. And then early 2017, I bought my second smartphone. It lasted 1 and a half years. I dropped it on our office floor accidentally because of my super wet hands and togs, it was broken into pieces (poor self). And late 2018 when I bought my third phone (the one I’m using to write this up). To add, I only buy phones less than 15k and buy one or two phone covers. So you compute how much I saved on gadgets? 

2. I’m not into beauty products, moisturizer and lipstick is enough for me.

Haler, my skin is so sensitive with powders so I better not use them. What I like to use are water-based products that are very much affordable. If you buy beauty products every week and costs you 300 php you spent 1,200 a month multiplied by 3 mos in a quarter, that will be 3,600 your total spent in a quarter and 14,400 in a year. That’s a huge amount. While I spent only 2k for a year. You see how much I saved? 

3. I seldom buy clothes because I’m always in a uniform.

I buy local branded clothes only if on SALE. I hand wash my clothes with love (I actually did not buy a washing machine) that is why it looks new after wash. I won’t go bandwagon buying, it’s a no no no. I don’t join the hype of shopping especially during Christmas Sale. And to be honest, never did I shop for myself ever since during the Christmas season. Why? Because I don’t like crowded places. One of my weak points. I don’t like going to malls during weekends, I don’t like seeing people getting obsessed into buying something they don’t need and splurging their hard-earned money to something of less value. I’m sorry, its my point of view. 

4. I’m not into bags and accessories.

I don’t say that I don’t like bags, I love them. But I don’t buy expensive ones like 5k for a handbag, or 10k for a sling bag. That’s excessive for a girl like me who earns just a little. But if you have enough money and you consider bags as your needs, then go! Buy everything that makes you happy. But you know, material things make you happy temporarily. That’s for sure. Contentment is key to true happiness. I’m not into accessories, like bracelets, necklaces, expensive watches, earrings. I think they are not my thing. My fourth way on how I saved for travel.

To briefly answer your question on how I saved for travel, it’s because I only buy what I need, and I buy things with value, and I prioritize priorities and travel is one of those. Why? Because, in travel you are rich, not with money but of EXPERIENCE. An experience that I will look back on forever. And bonus is passport STAMPS. 😊 I hope I did answer your question but if you’re not satisfied, it’s no longer my problem. Let us see and wonder about the world, together. You’ll definitely can say, it’s the best. 🌍

Final Words

To everyone who doesn’t know the real score and concluded themselves defeated, I’m sorry you lost the game before it started. You know why? Because you love to take shortcuts, and you jump into conclusion headfirst. Cranky. 

I know one of the reasons why you gossip and spread the wings of fake news, FACEBOOK. I’m sorry again for posting some picturesque photos with location tags. Don’t get jealous or feel that your lifestyle is stunting. I don’t want you to feel that way. Please don’t believe everything you see on social media, only good happenings of a life digitized into bits were shared. 

In my context, I post photos with locations tag with long captions (I’m a champion) because I wanted to keep something that I can reminisce and scroll down to infinity in later years. I am always in nostalgia, I am very sentimental and reminiscing memories, especially the good ones are my thing. Respect that. I’m not posting it to make you feel less because you know what, I seldom visit my FB timeline and if I do, I will just stalk myself. Scrolled up until the very first year I created facebook. Crazy little girl. 😜 But if you happened to travel across 7 continents, in every country in the world – that’s 197, I would genuinely be happy for you. You know why? Because its your blessings and I don’t dwell on things not given to me. 

Again, in everything I received, I am and always grateful. ❤️ I think you should too. Make peace with your mind and heart. And be happy seeing others enjoying their lives to the fullest. You know that you’re more than blessed and the Lord blesses you more than you deserve. 

God Bless you all, I’m happy writing this up. No regrets, only blessings 😊


The Girl Behind, 

Grace ❤️

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