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2019: 5th Year of Embracing My Sunflower

SUNFLOWER (noun | sun·flow·er |\-ˌflau̇(-ə)r\)

: a tall plant that has very large yellow flowers and produces seeds which can be eaten

Full Definition

: any of a genus (Helianthus, especially H. annuus) of New World composite plants with large yellow-rayed flower heads bearing edible seeds that yield an edible oil

First known use: 1597

My favorite flowers of all time are sunflowers. He knew that. Ironically, after 5 years I did not receive one. (poor grace) hihi

My love for sunflowers started when I was in my elementary years. I actually grew a lot of them. Facing the sun, they bloomed. Beautiful. Perfect. Amazing. And stole my soul.

Will sunflowers grow without the sun? Will it blossom without love? Sunflowers don’t need to be cultivated as roses. No need to prune to bloom. They just need rays of sunlight, smiling at them and happily they’re bouncing it back. And a room to grow as lovely as saying ‘I love you’ and ‘I love you too’. Oh, hearts of two that merely in love. Sturdy, large and fascinating. Simply but jumbo in the field.

A story to tell about my sunflower. Spring time, flowers bloomed. It was eye-catching whilst the heart embraced. I held on a gasp that humid little seed, planted it in but the soil is no good moisture. It sprouted, and buds began to bloom. Suddenly, it withered and died.

Sunflower stands the best of time. Seeds that were blown by the wind sprouted again, now in the earth-soil ready to see the beautiful tiny petals it will bring. I loved him then, I love him now, and I will embrace him later. Whether it sapped my love remains – all time. They grew brilliant, strong and they just love to see the sunshine and to live.

21st century – technology evolved, dignity distorted, self-respect degraded, and an era where premarital sex is no longer an issue. Do you agree? Hence, we asked for God’s blessings and guidance in our relationship that we may be able to fulfill our vows to chastity before marriage. When people ask us, how long is your relationship? 3, 4, 5 years. And their impression was judgmental, concluded that we’re in the same boat with others who are in a relationship. I guess you knew what I meant.

Not because my mama was extremely conservative – that’s why. As we’ve known each other – to tell you, we shared the same insights about it. Instilled it with our hearts. Not because we are scared to do that, not because I am not alluring, not because he’s incapable to take responsibilities but it is mainly because we believed that it pays to wait and it’s all worth it. I am a woman of deep and complex soul. He’s insensitive at times and frank. I am a woman who freaked out and got frustrated when things went wrong. He’s calmer than the rain. I hate squids to bones. He loves it. I love adobong chicken liver. He hates it. He wanted to be ordinary, I wanted to be unique. And a long string of loves and hates. Despite those, our love remains.

“Happy 5th Birthday to our love story, my sunflower! I could not be prouder of us staying chaste over those amazing years.”

An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips – Proverbs 24:26

The Girl Behind,

Grace ❤

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