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An Equilibrium Bukid Life

Static State and In Awe

In a state of equilibrium. Sitting on a soft sofa in the living room. Doors are open as well as windows. Her eyes could see directly the greens – coconut trees, mango tree, orange tree, the flowers – roses, cactus, purple leaves and even the many roosters wandering around at their 500 sq meters front yard. Aside from those greens, the blue skies are vivid – crystal clear in the human eyes like hers. She’s laying in 110 degrees with three soft cushions supporting her back. All she could hear are birds chirping, the talking of chickens and the soft airs banging on the leaves, fresh and silent.

And this Boholano girl, at the tip of the sofa, wandering around and in nostalgia. She faced the small pink round mirror trying to clean the mess – the hairs that grew under her arms. She is into trying to clean it herself. With a little tilt of her head to reach the very end. Rest after sometimes, she finds it hard to do it herself but she finds pleasure after the result. It’s clean now!

While in the middle doing the struggle, she thinks of it in real scenarios. She remembers people, who always wanted others to clean their mess. But, she tries to stop those thoughts because she resolves to enjoy 4 days of resting. Resting from all sorts of life complications and politics.

‘Bukid’ Life and Ordinary Things

And here, she came back to just strolling around how simple the ‘bukid’ life is. On the terrace, she could find all sorts of clothes hanging up to have it naturally dry by the wind. How she manages to arrange all the hangers by colors, clothes by types – from office to home clothes. She’s an addict to organizing. But don’t take it seriously, sometimes she just wanted to leave everything unarranged when she’s tired. She’s a type of girl who knows to ride and go with the flow but can stand on her say when she doesn’t want to.

In the grill glass window, she could see all the ‘kamunggay’ palms – green, healthy and rich. She laughs herself out since she remembers the ‘bukid’ girl who just started to eat vegetables last year 2014. To eat ‘kamunggay’. One of her new year’s resolutions in 2014. And she’s happy. She could now say, ‘kamunggay’ you’re one of my favorites.

Wishes and Coconuts

The moments when she wishes for extravagant things to make her happy. Living in a city with fast and secure internet connections, with all the access to stroll around malls, watch movies in cinemas and eat processed foods that are served in minutes. A city life. A wish-list of her teenage self. But…

Now, she’s more than grateful and happy living in a remote place where she could embrace and appreciate how beautiful life is. When now, she realizes that someone out there in the city, wishes to have her solitude be theirs. When they need to spend bucks just to find the serenity that she is enjoying already. She’s blessed and she’s grateful!

She moves a bit, now laying 180 degrees. Still, on the sofa, she bought years ago from working hard. Since her budget is for the sofa only, she bought a textile and sewed it herself as the cover for the sofa. And…

The blue skies turn gray. The bright sun started to disappear. And then the rain falls to the earth’s soil. The flowers are more than happy, they get to freshen up after today’s heat from sun rays. And she, here sitting straight in 90 degrees observing how all of it transforms. She’s happy and she loves it!

How could she miss all the hundreds of coconut trees rising side by side, surrounding their tiny house? It’s even more attractive than in Los Angeles. She’s now wanted to taste the fresh buko juice. But who would climb and get buko for her when the coconut tree is now slideway after the rain. She’s dreaming and wanting! Now dreaming of fresh buko juice. There, there she’s pointing, only pointing over the buko.

Eating and Enjoying A Table of Serene

She enjoyed her breakfast, 1 cup soup of ‘tinolang’ isda with fresh fish from the market. And maybe 2 cups of rice because she’s not on a diet. She ate at the terrace while sipping the hot coffee, she remembers a lot of foods she enjoyed eating. She loves ‘adobong’ chicken liver + ‘ginisang’ ampalaya with eggs. It’s heaven for her!

And her ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ are in the kitchen. She could hear all the topics they’re talking about. All about what to prepare for lunch. Oh, after rolling her eyes over the window, her stomach is now asking for sumptuous bukid lunch. It’s noon, and like the tick of the clock, her mama called her finally for lunch. ‘Bhebie let’s eat our breakfast’. The line her mama always speaks out during dinners. ‘Bhebie, mamahaw na ta!’ if translated to Cebuano. Even during dinner, her mama’s line is the same. Who could refuse her? Mamahaw na ta!

Tranquility over the table. Her ‘papa’ breaks the silence, you’re using your chopsticks again? You’re trying to be a Chinese, Japanese, whatever ‘nese’ is that. HAHA, Her baby girl laughs. She tells her dad, ‘I’m a Chinese, could you see my eyes?’ She’s been using chopsticks for a month now, and she’s enjoying eating with chops. Ticks in her thumb as she’s now an expert.

Affirmation of Mundane Self

Her life is simple yet she acknowledged and signed it as extraordinary. After hours, the rain falls again, now very hard. The earth is lonely but refreshing. And she could no longer comprehend the externalities of life.

It’s November 1st, the 11th month to end the year. How fast the ticking of the clock, counting the days and falling apart while flipping the pages but she is twisting with a content and a happy heart.

She will be writing real stories again when mundane self came back. She’s full and it’s time for her to take a NAP!

The Girl Behind,

Grace ❤

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