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One Face, One Leg 😔


Why do drivers stop and pick up passengers?  When there’s no space!

Why do passengers ride? When there’s no comfortable space!

Why do co-passengers sit? Like their paradise or sala set!

Does someone who sits with one face of her butt, with one leg needs to say “Can you please, move in a bit?”Or you yourself drag your butt and close your legs?

The reality is on the contrary, you need to say it hard, say it twice or say it many times in order for them to hear. Yes, they heard it but, some seems nothing heard, some look at you with their two round eating big eyes, the worst is “no space here with furrowed brows”.

What? Why? Damn it! You said it to yourself. You have a choice,  it’s either remain sitting in half or find another PUV/PUJ and pay another fare! That’s it!

A public utility and a Filipino personality. Fair Fare. Sitting Unfair!

The Girl Behind,

Grace ❤

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