Stories of In-Betweens


A man trying to keep a low profile but of a very gigantic image and heart. He is the bringer of hope, happiness and love. He is one of a kind, indeed difficult to find. Someone I cannot afford to trade, to barter or to let go. Contented in a way that achieving dreams not in urgent but in a well- defined and in strategic process. He has a very long and deep patience and understanding. Not my dream man, because he’s my reality, my today and hopefully in God’s perfect will my lifetime. He is different among the rest, unique he is. A man who has a big heart to accept things he has no control over, willing to sacrifice (not just for flowering words) but really he is. A man who never lost grip, holding my hands, standing firm and fighting. (Fight for our love) Captures the best studio of lovable hap. With his quintessence and finesse personality, his mother was blissfully blessed and his GGG (God’s Greatest Gift), me. He plucks the guitar strings in harmony and rhythm, just like our love-pages. Draws on in 3D motion, perspective of what’s going on.

**to be continued, I’m out of words**

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